“Our homes aim to express who are you and allow you to live your best life"

Our specialist team, led by Principal Architect Mike Nowson, works closely with every client to distill the essence of their daily needs, and to uncover the design inspiration that resonates.

From that inspiration, we are able to produce incredibly detailed three-dimensional visualisations to amplify the vision, offering the client a highly realistic, 360-degree view of their future home.

“Quite often the client comes to us not knowing exactly what they want. With our knowledge and experience we can work with them to tease that out, to use small ideas to form the bigger picture.” says Mike Nowson.



“Once we have that, we drill down to the important details of daily life so that every day, every light switch and appliance is exactly where it needs to be.”

Any prestige home designed by Mike Nowson Architecture is destined to become a neighbourhood landmark and talking point. It will also be remarkably liveable, thoughtfully appointed and bring all its residents an elevated level of home living.